Artico 4000 Home Lift


If you’re considering having a domestic lift installed, or are unsure if your home would be ideal for a lift, we’ve got a selection of videos to help.


You may be wondering how a platform lift works – our first and second videos below explain the mechanism and workings, and the customisation and structural options available for our home lifts.

You may be curious to see what a lift looks like when functioning within someone’s home – why not watch the third video on a beautiful renovation project featured on BBC2’s “Building Dream Homes”, and get inspired today!


Video 1: Gartec Home Lift Demonstration: Aritco Lifts


Video 2: How Platform Lifts Work


Video 3: Installation Interview: Architect and Home Owner on Futureproofing with Gartec Home

(As featured on BBC’s Building Dream Homes!)


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