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Gartec E10 Home Cabin Lift

Gartec E10 Home Cabin Lift Gartec E10 Home Cabin Lift Gartec E10 Home Cabin Lift Gartec E10 Home Cabin Lift Gartec E10 Home Cabin Lift
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The Gartec Home E10 home cabin lift is designed to create a stylish and elegant home lift that looks and feels like a full elevator without the cost, space or building works. The fully enclosed cabin box travels up and down within the supplied shaft, and can be a stand alone feature with glass or coloured panels, or tucked into a wall so you only see the door. Choose from a huge range of optional features to make it yours.

The E10 home cabin lift is installed in 3-4 days, goes up to 5 floors and has single press buttons throughout. Ideal for wheelchair users and the mobile alike, the spacious cabin dimensions offer a versatile home transport system for people and weighty items. Using a belt drive system, the machinery is tucked away within the lift meaning minimal building works and no machine room is required.

Technical Specification

Drive system Belt drive system with electric monitoring and shutdown
Rated speed 0.15m/s with OSG
Landing control Single touch control
Platform control Single touch control
Technical compliance European machine directive 2006/42/EC
Rated load 400 kg / 5 persons / wheelchair
Number of stops 2-5 (350mm – 14,600mm)
Number of doors Max. 2 per floor
Pit 120mm (140mm with supporting structure)
Environment Internal or External
Power Single Phase with 30amp fuse
Emergency lowering Automatic travel to nearest floor36V emergency battery
Control supply 24V DC
Motor 1.5kW



Platform sizes (WxD) 1400 x 1100mm
1250 x 1000mm
(others available upon request)
Technical Dimensions 310mm (engine, belts)
Headroom 2,450mm
(2,600mm with automatic telescopic door)
Structural Opening (Single)  1540 x 1700mm

Enjoy a range of additional and optional features with your E10 cabin home lift:

Walls: glass, coloured panel or hidden structure

Flooring: safestep colours or custom flooring

Doors: swing, telescopic or bifold

Landing: announcers, floor displays, intercoms

Cabin: mirrors, ceiling designs, lighting

Safety features come as standard with the E10 cabin lift to make it family and pet safe – from infrared door sensors to emergency movement units, communication tools to emergency stop buttons, you’re in safe hands with Gartec Home Lifts. A full handover is provided as standard too.

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