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Aritco 6000

Aritco 6000 Aritco 6000 Aritco 6000 Aritco 6000 Aritco 6000 Aritco 6000 Aritco 6000 Aritco 6000 Aritco 6000
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The Aritco 6000 lift is our most flexible lift model. A slightly larger lift than the 4000 model, this residential lift is suitable for up to 6 people. This lift has 8 platform sizes and takes up to 500kg, ideal for bariatric and electric wheelchair use as well as travel with a carer. This particular lift can have doors on 3 sides, and is available with up to 6 stops (13m).


Flexible Home Lift

Our home lift comes with its own shaft, making the lift virtually free-standing, completely safe, and very easy to locate, as well as making the footprint as small as possible. The lift shaft is white as standard, but can be any RAL colour or glass.

A tiny 50mm recess or ramp means minimal disruption and no structural or complicated building works required. The Aritco 6000 lift has no overrun, with only 2240mm headroom required.

This home lift has a ‘screw & nut’ drive system, making it completely self-contained – no separate pump boxes, machine rooms or hydraulic oil.


Drive systemSelf-sustaining patented screw/nut system
Rated speedMax. 0.15 m/s
Landing controlOne touch call
Platform controlHold to run
Technical complianceEuropean machine directive 2006/42/EC
Rated load410 kg/5 persons
Number of stopsMax. 6 on 3 sides
Number of doorsMax. 2 doors per floor
Pit50 mm (with ramp no pit is required)
Power1-phase, 230V, 50Hz, 20A supply
Emergency loweringManual
Control supply24 V
Motor2.2 kW



Platform Dimensions & Rated Loads
1. 900 * 1040 mm– 250kg
2. 900 * 1280 mm– 410kg
3. 900 * 1480 mm– 410kg
4. 1000 * 1280 mm– 410kg
5. 1000 * 1480 mm– 410kg
6. 1100 * 1480 mm– 410kg
– –
Shaft widthPlatform width +375 mm
Shaft depthPlatform depth +120 mm
– –
Structural opening widthPlatform size +405 mm
Structural opening depthPlatform size +150 mm
– –
Travel height250-13000 mm
Door height2000 mm
Door width900 mm
Door frame2240 mm
Half height door frame1100 mm


We just need holes in the floor (preferably above each other!) but that’s it. – we do the rest.

The Aritco 6000 is an electrically driven lift with screw & nut drive system so completely self-contained – no separate pump boxes, machine rooms or hydraulic oil.

This domestic lift comes with its own shaft enclosure, making it virtually free-standing, and is easy to install anywhere in a new build, or as a retro fit in existing properties. Our installers take just 2-3 days and we even tidy up afterwards.


The lift shaft comes as standard in white, but can be in solid or glazed panels, or a mixture of both, and painted to any RAL colour. The glass panels can be in a range of transparencies and can be different height panels for a full glaze effect.

Choose from brushed aluminium or stainless steel trims, rails and features.



Choose from panoramic glass, fire resistant or bi-fold doors, or opt for a half height gate at the top floor where travel is under 3m. Opt for automatic doors to make life simple.



A safety edge perimeter stops trapped fingers, and the communication system is always on – great for family life. You can also lock the lift to prevent people using it without you there, and the alarm button and emergency stop keep you in control. A ‘screw & nut’ drive system is quiet, energy efficient and fully enclosed in the shaft, so you can’t get to the machinery. Battery backup systems mean no issue in a power cut, and our full handover and manuals keep you in the know.

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