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Aritco 4000

Aritco 4000 Aritco 4000 Aritco 4000
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The Aritco 4000 is our smallest, most compact model, and will suit any home, with minimal disruption.

Suitable for 2 people to use at any one time, and with three platform sizes; small, medium and large, there will be a platform size to suit your needs, as well as fit into the space available.

The largest platform will take a standard wheelchair, while the medium and small will take 2 people standing, making the Aritco 4000 ideal for both larger home settings as well as modest properties.

The smallest lift Gartec Home offers, the Artico 4000 can have doors on 3 sides with the large platform – or single entry on the medium and small.

It can serve up to 6 stops, with the capacity to travel a maximum of 13m. The capacity is 250kg, allowing to carry up to 2 people OR a wheelchair user. The lift itself needs just a 50mm recess in the floor or a ramp can be provided. There is no overrun with this model, only 2380mm headroom required.

A dedicated single phase 20Amp power supply is required which makes the lift suitable for installations into any property.

The lift shaft can be constructed from either solid or glazed panels, or a mixture of both, and painted to any RAL colour. With single swing glazed doors, in manual or automatic, (alternative option for double hinged automatic swing glazed doors) the Aritco 4000 is both stylish and designed to blend in within any home setting.

A ‘screw & nut’ drive system makes it completely self-contained with no need for a separate pump box or machine room and no hydraulic oil.

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