Gartec Home - 4000 Home Lift with Glass Features

Aritco 4000 Compact Home Lift

Aritco 4000 Compact Home Lift Aritco 4000 Compact Home Lift Aritco 4000 Compact Home Lift Aritco 4000 Compact Home Lift Aritco 4000 Compact Home Lift Aritco 4000 Compact Home Lift
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The Aritco 4000 passenger platform lift is our compact home lift, bringing all the benefits of an elevator in your home, whilst only taking up the space of an airing cupboard or wardrobe – ideal for a small home access solution. With no major building works and just 3 days to fully install the modular structure, an Aritco 4000 residential lift is a simple and easy addition.

With three platform sizes, the Aritco 4000 is suitable as both a standard wheelchair lift (large platform) or to carry up to 2 passengers (small and medium platform), so is great in any size property – and is eco-friendly to boot, using around the same amount of power per year as a washing machine.

Please note that the smaller sizes are not suitable for a wheelchair user – if this is a requirement please see our larger lift model, the 6000.

– Up to 13m (6 stops) travel

– Up to 2 doors per floor, on any side

– 3 platform sizes

– Load rated to 250kg (2 people)

– 50mm pit or ramp

– No overrun, machine room or oil pit

– Quiet and energy efficient lift

– Screw and nut drive system (self contained)

The lift needs either a 50mm recess or ramp – whichever you prefer. We also need holes in the floor (preferably above each other!) but that’s it – we do the rest.

There is also no ‘overrun’ with this model, meaning we don’t need a huge space above, and we don’t need to attach to the ceiling.

The Aritco 4000 is an electrically driven lift with screw & nut drive system so completely self-contained, therefore no separate pump boxes or machine rooms and no hydraulic oil to make a mess.


This domestic lift comes with its own shaft enclosure, making it a virtually free-standing lift, and is very easy to install anywhere in a new build, or as a retro fit in existing properties.

The lift shaft comes in white as standard, but can be almost any colour from our range of 210 RAL colours, or have a more sophisticated touch with glass panels. Pair with your favourite flooring, or pick from our range of 8 flooring options.

With single swing glazed doors or double leaf doors available in automatic or manual, the Aritco 4000 is both functional and stylish, designed to blend in and modernise any home.

There are also great safety features – the safety edge perimeter stops trapped fingers, and the communication system is always on. You can also lock the lift to prevent people using it without you there.



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