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Home Lift Products

Here at Gartec Home, we have three models that we install in a domestic setting; the Aritco 4000 and Aritco 6000 offer options for any size home and flexibility for access throughout your home, providing a functional and simple addition. The Aritco HomeLift provides a more technology driven experience, with custom art back wall and app to control lighting, as well as our trusted screw and nut technology.

Why a Home Lift? A lift is perhaps one of the most contemporary additions that you can make to your home. In time, it may also become something of a neccessity but, for many people, incorporating a domestic lift is a design statement too and one that few of your neighbours can top!

If a lift is something you’ve been considering for a while, or it’s new to your agenda, here are five very good reasons why you might want to introduce a lift in the home:

Future proof your home with a Domestic lift

Every contemporary home needs to be future proofed and, seeing as the hover board and the flying car are still some way off from being available for domestic use, the residential lift is the next best thing. Whether as a solution to potential future illness or disability, or simply to make getting around the house more pleasant as the years go by, installing a lift is a great way to make sure your home remains accessible and enjoyable.

Comfort And Style

If your home is over more than one floor then at some point the stairs are going to become challenging. Rather than dreading that day or putting yourself through the painful experience of the stairs when you find them physically hard, simply install a lift instead. A lift is more aesthetically pleasing than a stair lift and much cooler too.

Modernise your home

A home with a lift installed is a truly contemporary abode so if you’re keen on modernisation a lift is the way to go. Not only will it give your home that covetable contemporary design feature but it will also be quite a talking point for visitors interested in a modern design aesthetic.

Ease of access within your home

A domestic lift is simple and quick to install and very easy to operate. Once it’s up and running then you’ll have access to any of the floors in your home, whether you’re transporting heavy boxes, accommodating disabled visitors or just looking to avoid the stairs while injured. When it comes to easy access to your entire property there’s no better home modification.

A USP when selling your home

A domestic lift is such an unusual feature that it will become a Unique Selling Point for your home. Install and maintain your lift property and when it comes to generating interest in the property for sales purposes you’ll find the lift is a really attractive feature to potential buyers.

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