Gartec Home Bespoke Services

Building Services

If you are looking for a company that can offer a full turnkey solution, as well as undertake all associated builders work, in connection with the installation of your lift then look no further! Gartec Home will provide experienced engineers to assess, install and service your home lift. Not only do we ensure a regular maintenance package after installation, but we also offer all customers a secure warranty.

  • We can offer a full turnkey solution
  • Gartec Home use one company to carry out all works- including building, plumbing, electrical & carpentry, to ensure consistency
  • We only supply one point of contact throughout the process, making it simple for clients
  • We schedule builders work to run seamlessly with lift installation, on our customers schedule, to ensure you are not held up by our engineers
  • We use contractors, who are familiar with our products and understand our requirements, to ensure all installations are carried out to the highest standard

Alternatively, you can arrange for the site preparation works to be carried out by your own builder. We will work with them and issue all the required information, site dimensions, loadings and building interfaces required enabling us to carry out the installation of the lift. Read more about the CPD technology we offer, allowing architects and designers to visualise how a lift would look in their home.

Prior to every installation, our Project Engineer will visit your property to carry out a site readiness check to ensure the lift can be delivered, installed and handed over in one continuous visit, typically 2-3 days, without any hold ups. Gartec Home are very proud to offer a first-class service to our customers, making us the leading suppliers of lifts in the home.