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The Worst People to be Stuck in a Lift With

Being stuck in a lift is never an ideal situation. But there are certain types of people who can really make the experience a whole lot more interesting should you happen to end up trapped in a confined space together. Here are a few personalities that really take the biscuit if that lift decides to stop between floors in a public place.


The Shower-Dodger

Some people may not have any control over their natural essence. But there are others who seem to be completely ignorant to the fact that their choice not to wash after a workout, or to use deodorant once in a while, can be somewhat bothersome to those around them. Imagine being stuck in a lift with these people – where even the slightest odour can become overwhelming, making you long for a gasp of fresh air. Worse still is not being able to say anything.


The Excess Baggage-Carrier

OK so you can’t exactly blame someone for taking the lift when they have heavy bags to carry. But that person with the oversized handbag or backpack who lacks spatial awareness will really grind your gears when their luggage beats you into a corner of submission. Time to get the elbows out and stand your ground.


The Hummer

We all enjoy listening to a bit of music every now and then. But not when it’s bleeding out of someone’s headphones and into our ears. Worse still, when that person starts to hum or whistle, or even sing out loud without any apparent care for the people within short range. At least you’ll have the tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


The Space Invader

People who are oblivious to the concept of personal space – they always end up practically sitting on your lap, despite there being plenty of room to go around. There you are in an empty lift, just the two of you, and you find yourself pushed up shoulder-to-shoulder with a complete stranger who has no regard for your private zone whatsoever.


The Cougher-and-Sneezer

No we can’t help it when we get a cold, or happen to be allergic to life itself. But the least we can do is employ a little etiquette and make the effort to keep our germs to ourselves. Maybe even be courteous enough to take the stairs. So that moment when the doors close and the last passenger to squeeze in starts coughing and sneezing everywhere – without covering their mouth and wiping their snotty hands all over the place.


No matter who you are stuck in a lift with, Gartec are here to help. Give us a call if you need assistance, or take a look at our servicing and maintenance packages to help prevent breakdowns from happening.

May 10, 2018

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