London Mews Futureproof with Smart Lift

The Challenge

Nestled in a quiet mews in central London, renovations were finishing up at a beautiful newly designed property. From the upper outdoor atrium area to the stunning railway sleeper stairway, the home spans over 3 floors and has been designed as a ‘forever home’.

In order to futureproof their home, Rachel and Neil decided a lift was needed.




The Lift

Our team helped Neil and Rachel find an ideal space, running from the basement, to middle hallway, to upper kitchen space. They wanted a modern lift to match their stunning home design. The option to futureproof with smart lift technology gave them the perfect modern touch – our smart HomeLift with connected app gave them the control and technology they wanted.

Using a simple black colour for the included shaft and frames, their home lift contrasts beautifully on each floor with the bright white walls and darker accents and features.

Rachel and Neil were a little worried about what happens in a power cut, so we ran through the battery backup and emergency procedures for their smart lift, and gave them a second handover to make sure they were happy.


Gartec Home - Aritco HomeLift in London Mews Renovation


The Result

Neil and Rachel are thrilled with their lift. They are still finishing their home design and making final amendments, but the completed lift looks fantastic and links all the floors together. Their house is fully future-proofed and the lift ready to use whenever they need it – though it’s handy for other things in the meantime!




Interested in adding a smart lift to your home? Just get in touch with our friendly experts on 01296 397100!

September 9, 2019

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