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How Much do Home Lifts Cost?

Our dedicated home lift team often get asked “how much do home lifts cost?”. Home lifts come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be hard to know how much to expect to spend on making your home more accessible.


What is Included in my Home Lifts Cost?

Regardless of which lift you buy make sure it includes all the extra stuff you’re expecting. Basic costs usually won’t include custom colours, extra functions and features, and home lift servicing.

To help you out, Gartec Home Lifts come as standard with the following – worth checking you’re getting the same great value with all the lifts you look at:

  • 2 years warranty
  • free servicing for first year
  • installation
  • making good
  • free site specific drawings, quotes and visits
  • pre-installation visits
  • ongoing 24 hour breakdown line


Stairlifts and Basic Lifts 

Through floor lifts and stairlifts are common in homes but can be unsightly or do not give you the same flexibility in size, layout, access, floor numbers or wheelchair use. Through floor home lifts cost around £10,000 – £12,000 upwards, and only work in some homes. They require entry and exit from the same side, and cannot travel over more than 2 floors.

Stairlifts are a lower cost option – from around £6000 – but really do need quite specific layouts, and can usually only travel between 2 stops. A curved staircase will add to this cost significantly, but for a low use lift, or where the staircase is wide enough to store the stairlift and still walk up it they can be an easy solution.


Small Home Lifts Cost

Generally, it is surprisingly affordable to install a versatile real lift in your home – especially compact or smaller home lifts.

Our 4000 platform home lift is the equivalent to a through floor lift, but going up to 6 floors, with higher weight limit of 410kg, and with doors possible on multiple sides – as well as larger platform sizes. Whilst a through floor lift starts at around £10,000, our 4000 offers much better versatility and custom design options, for only a touch more. The 4000 starts at around £14,000.


Wheelchair Home Lifts Cost

A wheelchair suitable home lift is a much larger option, especially when looking to also carry a passenger with the wheelchair user, or if you need it for bariatric or electric wheelchair users. The most important factor for this is making sure your home lift will take the size (including space to turn!) and weight of the chair and user, especially with children where being able to grow into your home lift is vital.

Our 6000 home lift is a great option for a wheelchair user, and is unrivalled for flexibility to meet almost any home lift requirements. The 6000 model starts at £16,500 – not a huge jump in price for the extra features, size and possibilities, especially with multifloor or different entrance requirements.


Smart Home Lifts Cost

Smart home lifts are quite a new option, and Gartec Home are keeping up with the times! Our smart HomeLift comes with its own connected app, which means you can control, change and set lighting schedules and colour, set up the lift, and it sends key servicing information so we can get to you quicker. You can integrate into your own smart home system and theres an art backwall to make a truly personal statement with your new home technology.

The smart home lift from Gartec Home starts at around £23,000, and all our home lifts come with the services listed in the first section as standard.



Need More Information?

Gartec Home are always happy to help on any projects – from building recommendations to lift specifications. You could learan more about how platform lifts work here, or take a look at our comparison table here. Just get in touch if you need a hand on 01296 397100, or email for friendly support from the home lift experts.



July 16, 2018

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