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Expert Advice: Home Lift Buyers Guide

So you’ve decided you want a lift for your home, but want more information about what happens next? Then this is the home lift buyers guide for you!

Step 1: Picking your Home Lift

Tick List for Lift ProjectMake sure you look at all the features you want and need in a residential lift – try thinking about the below to give you some ideas:

  • Size (of the inside of the lift and the ‘footprint’ you need to leave space for)
  • Rated load (number of people, and wheelchairs if required)
  • Price and payment structure
  • Style / aesthetics (functional, subtle or artistic?)
  • Safety features (esp. for children)
  • Requirements for installation (e.g. associated builders works)
  • Ongoing maintenance and support structure
  • Ongoing maintenance costs
  • Extra features (like Smart Lift capabilities)
  • Company reputation and customer service

There are lots of options for adding a wheelchair lift, home lift, or access solution for the home – from a stairlift or wheelchair riser, to a home platform lift or through the floor lift. Do lots of research to get the features you want, and speak to friends and family for recommendations.

Remember that lead time (the time it takes from ordering the lift at the factory to delivering the lift at your home) may vary from company to company, and at different times of year. Give yourself plenty of time – 3-4+ months – to start research to make sure you can get your perfect installation date.


Step 2: The Order Process

AHL Lift with Blue Lighting in ShaftWhen you order from Gartec Home, we make it as easy as we possibly can for you – below is the journey you would take when ordering a lift.

  1. Gather Information

    • Visit the showroom, look at the website or gather information to decide which lift for the home you would like


  1. Call Gartec To Organise a Home Visit

    • To discuss requirements and options. This is a free, no obligation visit that gives you the chance to ask all the weird and wonderful questions you can think of to help make the right choice and give you peace of mind.


  1. Keep an Eye out for your Quote

    • Gartec post out a quote to you detailing all the options, finishes and extras you want. Go back and forth with our team to get the complete package you need and confirm you are happy with the quote.


  1. Inspect and Confirm Drawings

    • Architect Drawings of House from the SideGartec provide free drawings of our lifts, and free site-specific drawings. If you have plan drawings of your home (for example, on a self build or renovation) then we can add our lifts in so your builders (or you!) can see where it needs to go. Once you are happy, you need to sign off the drawings so we can place the order with the factory.


  1. Pre-Installation Checks

    • As the date of installation gets closer, Gartec organise a (free) visit to make sure you are ready for your chosen installation date. There are some elements you will need to prepare – such as making holes in the floor for the lift – so by visiting we can check you are ready and help out with anything that might have been missed.


  1. Installation of your Home Lift

    • The lift is delivered on pallets to your home on the day of the delivery, and our lovely home engineers know exactly what needs doing – and understand that your home is not a building site! The lift is installed in just 2-3 days and we even tidy up afterwards.


  1. Handover & Warranty

    • All our Aritco home lifts come as standard with a 2 year warranty, and we come back when you’re ready to do a full handover and demonstration of your new lift. You’ll get a pack of information for the home lift and our team are always on hand if you need some help.

It’s that simple!


Brighton 6000 Lift in Bedroom with Pendant in ShaftHome Lift Buyers Guide: How Gartec Install a Lift in your Home

Gartec platform lifts use a modular structure, meaning we don’t need any scaffolding or major building works. Our engineers unpack the lift from the pallets and start assembly in the place you have prepared.

First the machinery – the screw and nut, frame for machinery and floor fixings – are put in to support the lift.

Next, the platform is added and the wall panels are put in place. The wall panels are modular and our engineers put in the lower levels, using the lift to go up and add the upper panels in meaning no scaffolding required.

Finally the exterior elements of the lift – the finishing covers, buttons and fascia plates – are installed, completing your lift. Our team also go around ‘making good’, ensuring that the lift is finished to the standard we know you expect in your home.



Need some helpful advice from our home lift experts? Just give us a call on 01296 397100 for friendly support with no obligations or pressure.

September 12, 2017

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