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Gartec Home Lift used for House Boat Home Office

Gartec Home | Aritco 4000 Compact Home LiftThe Challenge

Living on a house boat on the Thames, homeowner Gillian and her son realised a lift would make their home possible to stay in for years to come – and make moving larger items between the home office and upper floor much easier.

The self-built home had a very small area available for the lift and getting anything across a small bridge was restricting their choice – until they found Gartec Home.


The Lift

Matt Akerman, our Home Lift Manager, recommended our 4000 home lift as it was the ideal size for the tiny space, and the modular structure meant getting it across the bridge to install it was easy. After just 3 days, it was finished. Gillian commented:

Gartec Home | Aritco 4000 Home Office Lift“Your installers, Ben and Marcus, were absolutely amazing. They didn’t stop for a minute and left everywhere spotlessly clean”

Gillian went for simple, clean finishes in white, using a wardrobe as an ideal spot for the lift to arrive at on the top floor, near the bedroom. The call station was installed on the wall on the lower floor to make it easier to reach.


The Result

The lift is ideal for the tiny space and makes the house boat even more interesting. Gillian, the homeowner, said:

“I am thrilled to bits with the new lift. It’s much nicer than I ever expected and in fact I have to say I was not that enthusiastic. It was Grant who nudged me towards it and I am so pleased that he did. From a very, very happy customer”



April 4, 2018

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