Why Choose Gartec


Gartec Home

Gartec Home are a sister company to the commercial lift company Gartec, offering clients a more refined domestic service when it comes to buying and installing a lift. When it comes to making your property more versatile, Gartec Home lifts are an effective and stylish solution to secure you in your home, forever.

Every lift is bespoke to your needs, to give you flexibility to access different floors, whilst retaining the aesthetics inside your home and avoiding costly renovation. Installing a lift even adds value to the property, as it immediately makes a house accessible to everyone.

Why Choose A Gartec Domestic Lift

Our lifts come with customisable features, allowing you to choose a look that suits the interior of your home. Why not opt for a style that subtly blends into your furnishings, or choose one that makes a contemporary style statement? Of course, domestic lifts are fundamentally for transporting people, but they also offer assistance with prams, heavy suitcases, and even the vacuum cleaner- the possibilities are endless!

Whether you want advice on the buying process of a home lift, or you would like to know more about the benefits a home lift could bring you and which model may suit your needs- and property- more, Gartec Home will have an answer for you. Contact us today for more information, simply call 01296 397100 or email sales@gartec.com. *Please note: All calls are recorded for training purposes and may be used.